Never doubt that a small dedicated group of individuals can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead, world-renowned anthropologist 1901-78

eg: consulting is dedicated to creativity and excellence, and the team wish to play their role in creating a 'can do' vibrant voluntary and community sector that provides lasting benefits to those that are the most disadvantaged in the UK and overseas. With more than 170,000 charities in England and Wales (Charity Commission figure) it is a crowded terrain to compete for profile, celebrity endorsement, 'market position' and resources; our goal is to assist you in attracting, managing and maintaining support from a host of different sources.

We have worked at the 'coal-face', we know only too well the constraints, the difficulties of operating in a challenging financial environment but we are alive to the potentialities and the energies offered by the sector’s leaders. We will always offer an honest and fair assessment to clients, without fear or favour, based on our sound track record of success and experience of 'doing the doing'.

In 2011 and beyond the sector certainly faces fresh challenges and the terrain can appear, literally, to be littered with rocks and pitfalls. Now more than ever, it's the time to revisit and refresh strategies, think creatively about maintaining existing funding and grow new income streams.

Maximising the effectiveness of fundraising and marketing campaigns requires a firming up on how you measure organisational effectiveness and impact. eg consulting looks to play an energetic role in contributing to your on-going success and ability to thrive.

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